Trains vs Loop Bridge, but The Floor is Lava 😱 BeamNG.Drive

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Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure as we bring you the ultimate test of engineering and excitement: Trains vs Loop Bridge, but The Floor is Lava! Join us as we venture into the heart of a mesmerizing Utah canyon, where a colossal loop railroad bridge stands tall above a raging river of molten lava.
Watch as powerful railroad trains take on the challenge, accelerating to incredible speeds and defying gravity as they embark on a death-defying loop over the scorching red-hot lava. It’s a roller coaster experience like no other, combining the thrills of a theme park ride with the danger of traversing a hazardous lava flow.
Witness the heart-stopping moments of triumph as some trains conquer the loop with grace, while others meet a fiery demise, plunging into the unforgiving lava below.
Will the trains conquer the loop bridge, or will the fiery lava claim victory? Tune in to witness the epic clash between engineering and nature, as our cameras capture every exhilarating twist, turn, and leap. This is a spectacle that you won’t want to miss!
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About the Game: is a car simulation game that uses a soft-body physics engine. Every component of the Beamng car is simulated in real time using mass points and beams. Additionally, crashes feel realistic as the game uses an incredibly accurate damage model. This game is still in early access, but you can play it now.

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